SaaS Compliance Archive Solution in the Azure Stack

Posted by Bill Tolson • March 10, 2017
Topics: Archive2Azure, Azure

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See how the Power of Azure Manages and Protects your Digital Assets!
Regulatory Data Storage Compliance
Unlock the Enterprise Data Analysis and Search Cost effective SaaS Archive Solution built on the Microsoft Cloud!

Find out how Compliance Data is managed in MS Azure:

  • Data Compliance is achieved including WORM and immutability
  • Manage and enforce records retention
  • Audit data destruction
  • Meet Legal and Security Audits
  • Encrypt Data using MS KeyVault

Find the needle in the hay stack:

  • Pinpoint search accuracy
  • On-demand indexing
  • Unlimited structured meta data indexes
  • Content value drives index utilization

ALL done cost effectively within the Azure Cloud!

Disrupting the Compliance Archive Market

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