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With Archive2Azure, the intelligent information management and archiving solution built on Azure Services, you’re able to maintain control over all your corporate information.

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FastCollect takes the risk out of data migration to the Microsoft Cloud by providing 100 plus connectors for migrating a huge variety of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. FastCollect provides for the fast, secure, and trouble-free movement of data from on premise and cloud repositories to the Microsoft Cloud in a legally defensible manner.

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September 20th, 2018

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Archive360 Delivers Complete Support of Immutable Storage for Microsoft Azure Blobs

Immutable Data storage and an Intelligent data Management Solution for Azure Ensures Financial Service Firms can Meet Data Storage Requirements

Orlando – September 20, 2018 – Archive360, one of the world’s leading providers of data migration and information management solutions for the Microsoft cloud, today announced its Archive2Azure long-term intelligent data management and compliance archive solution, delivers complete support for Immutable storage for Microsoft Azure Blobs, which is available today.  Archive360 has just announced that Archive2Azure is one of the first native, cloud-managed solutions for archiving and long-term data management to fully support Microsoft’s immutable storage capability.

With Archive2Azure, Azure users can count on secure, low cost and compliant intelligent archiving that takes advantage of Azure’s full complement of storage tiers. Through configurable policies, users can keep Azure Blob storage data in an immutable state where Blobs can be created and read, but not modified or deleted. Blobs can be transitioned across storage tiers (hot, cool, and archive) while remaining immutable. Archive2Azure works with the customer’s own Azure tenancy to store, index, search, and manage large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Archive2Azure creates containers that store and manage data in “cabinets” on specific Azure storage tiers. Archive2Azure stores, secures, and manages regulated data in an immutable format on hot, cool, or archive Blob storage to ensure complete protection while also applying retention/disposition policies. Once data is stored in an immutable format, data cannot be altered or deleted within the retention period.

And one of the best things about Archive2Azure is that you don’t need to hand over your data to someone else. Your sensitive data is held in your Azure tenancy, using your encryption keys, with the data stored in its native format on true immutable storage, so you never have to pay a ransom to get it back.

“Today’s announcement builds on Archive360’s rich history of strategic alignment with Microsoft.  This enables our ability to engineer and deliver day-one support for Microsoft product innovations, which in turn ensures our users enjoy day-one optimum capabilities,” said Bill Tolson, Vice President of Marketing, Archive360.  “The Immutable storage for Microsoft Azure Blobs capability, combined with Archive2Azure software, is a boon for Chief Compliance Officers, General Counsels, and Corporate Archivists, in the financial services industry vertical, and anyone that collects and stores sensitive data for long periods of time, that must ensure its unaltered status, availability, protection, and security.”

Tad Brockway, General Manager, Azure Storage, Microsoft Corp. said, “More than ever, financial services organizations are dealing with huge amounts of regulated data. This leads to increasing demands for immutable storage. Microsoft is pleased to bring the functionality of Immutable Storage for Microsoft Azure Blobs to the financial services industry so they can meet industry regulatory retention requirements.”

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