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The Growing Law Firm Data Challenge: Managing Terabytes of Client Data

Posted by Bob Spurzem on August 15, 2016

Managing the huge amounts of data submitted by clients for eDiscovery response is a time-consuming and complex task. Many law firms are struggling to keep up with the data storage, professional, and client demands, and many don’t have (or enforce) law firm data ingestion processes nor economical long-term electronic data storage.  One continuing issue for many law firms is the data ingestion process (or lack of a process) to ensure client data sets are logged, indexed, secured and managed appropriately. On too many occasions, large client data sets are handed over to the managing attorney directly, bypassing firm data ingestion processes, making it harder to find and manage. So the first key to handling and organizing client data costs effectively is to create and enforce a client data ingestion process that includes participation of the firm’s information governance (IG) team.

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Data Management Legal Challenges & the Cloud

Posted by Bill Tolson on August 11, 2016

Upcoming webinar on Aug 24, 2016 11:00 AM PDT

Is your law firm swamped with data?  After years of collecting data from clients undoubtedly you have TB's of data under management.  Your challenge is how to reduce total cost while keeping the data secure and accessible.

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Law Firm Cloud Storage; Rising Security, Lower Costs

Posted by Bill Tolson on July 21, 2016

Law firms (and corporate legal departments) regularly hold huge amounts of client eDiscovery data long after the specific case has been decided. These large client data sets are stored with very little activity for long periods of time. Depending on the number of clients, these eDiscovery data sets can reach into the terabytes in total size. This data usually resides on expensive, enterprise class, spinning disk so can be very expensive to keep. For example, the average cost of enterprise class disk is in the $0.35 per GB per month range (fully loaded cost) or $4.20 per GB per year. Assuming 10 TB, the annual cost to store that data within the law firm would be approximately $42,000.

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Topics: EDiscovery, Azure, Law firm cloud storage

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