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Beware – Your Sensitive Data May be Copied during Migrations

Posted by Admin on December 11, 2017

Many companies are moving their email, file systems, data archives, basically all of their unstructured data to the cloud for cost savings, increased security, and ease of access. Finding the right data migration vendor with the correct capabilities and technology to ensure the migration goes off without a hitch is important to make sure the project adheres to deadline, avoids employee disruption, creates a full audit of the migration process, and ensures the data migration is legally defensible. Likely, the last thing you are thinking about is whether your migration vendor has duplicated your or your customer’s data for ulterior purposes.

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My Healthcare Data is Where?

Posted by Bill Tolson on December 4, 2017

According to IDC, healthcare data is one of the fastest growing segments of the digital universe – growing from 153 exabytes in 2013 to an estimated 2,314 exabytes in 2020, a 48% annual growth rate. So where will the healthcare industry put all of this critical and sensitive data and how long must it be held?

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