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Database Archiving or Retirement - Which is Right for You?

Posted by Bill Tolson on May 15, 2018

Most companies eventually realize many of their legacy applications or databases are costing them more while providing little value. The main reason companies cite for keeping aging applications and databases active is the potential need to respond to regulatory or legal requests. In reality, legacy application data can be archived and managed separately eliminating the need to keep legacy applications active.

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Topics: Archive2Azure, Database

Application Retirement - Sleeping with the Fishes?

Posted by Bill Tolson on November 16, 2017

Today, companies are looking for solutions that can archive inactive data from little used enterprise applications. Those applications can be decommissioned, saving the company the expense of keeping them running for little payback. But the question not addressed early enough in the project is what to do with all of the application’s legacy data – delete it or save it (and where). By migrating the legacy data to an intelligent archive, organizations can preserve the value of legacy application data, ensure regulatory compliance, and address any legal concerns.

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Topics: EDiscovery, Data Privacy, Azure, Archive2Azure, application retirement, SEC Rule 17 a-4, information management, retention policies, defensible disposition, Cloud, Database

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