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Now You See It, and Now You Don't

Posted by Bill Tolson on September 15, 2016

The consolidation in the Information Governance industry continues. Recently HP announced its decision to sell its software business to Micro Focus for $8.8 billion which includes its Information Management and Governance business. These software assets include HP RISS, Mimosa NearPoint, CA Messenger, Zantaz EAS, Zantaz Digital Safe, and the Iron Mountain Digital Hosted Archive.

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What is Grey Data and What Should Be Done with It?

Posted by Bill Tolson on June 30, 2016

How much unstructured data does your organization actually have? Do you have any idea? Could you find and search through all of your organization’s data in response to an eDiscovery request or regulatory information request - quickly? What’s the downside if you can’t?

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Is Microsoft Inadvertently Blocking Your Road to Office 365?

Posted by Bob Spurzem on June 28, 2016

Microsoft FastTrack was designed to help you move your on premise Exchange email system to Office 365 “smoothly and with confidence”.  But, when you read the “fine print” you discover that FastTrack will NOT migrate email archive data, including compliance-related journal data.  The problem with this oversight is that most organizations planning to migrate to Office 365 similarly have a legacy email archive that should also be migrated. In fact, in a recent survey by Osterman Research, 64% of Office 365 migrations include a legacy email archive, so this lack of support is a major “road block” (or at least speed bump) to fully migrating to Office 365.

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What is Legally Defensible Data Migration?

Posted by Bill Tolson on June 20, 2016

Responding to an eDiscovery request carries with it many duties and responsibilities that the court will expect to be carried out in a good faith manner. Several of these duties are set it stone via the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) and should not be ignored or taken lightly.

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What do Email Archives and Zombies have in Common?

Posted by Bob Spurzem on June 9, 2016

Believe it or not, email archives and Zombies have quite a lot in common.  Below is my list of common archives/zombie issues.  I would love to hear your horror story with regards to a legacy email that you’ve had problems with during a migration.  Please submit below in the comments.

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FastCollect for PSTs Coverage from

Posted by Bill Tolson on June 8, 2016

The automated PST discovery, rehydration, migration and removal solution helps organizations achieve fully defensible and painless moves of email content to the cloud.

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Tip #3: Should Office 365 Migrations Include Inactive Mailboxes?

Posted by Bob Spurzem on May 23, 2016

First, what is an inactive mailbox?

Simply put, an inactive mailbox is one that is no longer used because the mailbox owner (employee) has left the company, leaving the mailbox orphaned. It is very common for mailboxes to remain in the Exchange system after an employee leaves the company for several reasons including standard company practices, lack of company processes, legal reasons i.e. anticipated lawsuits, and regulatory concerns. These orphaned mailboxes can become an issue later, for example if an organization decides to move their email system to the cloud.
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PowerShell: Email Archive Migrations to Office 365

Posted by Tibi Popp on May 12, 2016

I’ve been talking to many Microsoft Office 365 Partners asking them why they almost always avoid the companion email archive migration project. One of the most common answers is: "we just don't have the knowledge of the many email archives and their particular idiosyncrasies; let alone attempt to migrate one of them." This answer baffled me since an archive migration can generate 3-5x the revenue of a single project not to mention, if done correctly, can generate a 90% profit.  You may be asking yourself how….? Well, let me explain.

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PowerShell Advantage: Directory Integration Email Archive Migration

Posted by Tibi Popp on May 5, 2016

In todays blog we'll look at how PowerShell reduces the complexity of archive migrations all while providing efficiencies that current archive migration software cannot. 

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How to Clean up the Mess that Email Archiving Creates

Posted by Bob Spurzem on April 25, 2016

Like thousands of companies, you are probably considering moving away from an on-premise Microsoft Exchange deployment to the new cloud-based Office 365.  But before you jump in to make the move, consider for a moment if you have a legacy email archive.  If the answer is “Yes”, it is likely that your email archive made a total mess of Exchange.

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Best Practices to Migrate Exchange to Office 365

Posted by Bob Spurzem on April 18, 2016

Are you considering moving your on-premise Exchange Server to the new cloud-based Office 365? If so, you must consider if a legacy email archived is attached to your Exchange Server. Email archiving was a very popular application used to reduce Exchange mailbox size and for regulatory compliance. For compliance, Exchange Journaling was enabled for secure retention of all email sent and received by Exchange.

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How to Make This Year's Resolutions a Reality

Posted by Robert DeSteno on January 7, 2016

Happy New Year!

We’re already one week into 2016 and I’m wondering how those New Year’s resolutions are working out for you.

Apparently the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions stretches back more than 4000 years to the ancient Babylonians. I’m not sure how their resolve to pay off their debts and return borrowed objects to their owners worked out for them. If they were anything like we are today, the majority would already have given up on their well-intentioned resolutions by now.

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