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The Lifecycle of Data versus the Value of Data

Posted by Bill Tolson on March 20, 2017

Back in January of this year, we published a blog titled Quarantine your Stale Data about the need to quarantine your stale (or grey) data. In it, we talked about a conversation we had with Alan Daley, Research Director of Gartner Research, about the problems his clients were having with managing stale data – or those files that for whatever reason, become less valuable to the end-user over time.

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Journaling by any Other Name

Posted by Bill Tolson on March 13, 2017

The Journaling function in “on premise” Microsoft Exchange email systems was originally developed back in the late 1990s for financial services organizations to meet SEC requirements.  The main requirement consisted of capturing broker/dealer communications (emails) immediately, ensuring those emails could not have been altered or deleted before they were stored on immutable storage (WORM) per SEC 17 a-3 and a- 4 requirements. The SEC wanted to ensure that broker/dealer communications were available to review in an unaltered state if complaints were later filed against the financial services organization or individual broker/dealers. In fact, other companies adopted journaling for various reasons, mostly when under litigation hold to ensure target custodian email was captured and held thereby avoiding spoliation charges.  However, the financial services industry was the only industry to really require it via government regulation.

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SaaS Compliance Archive Solution in the Azure Stack

Posted by Bill Tolson on March 10, 2017

Archive360 Webinar on 3/14/2017

See how the Power of Azure Manages and Protects your Digital Assets!
Regulatory Data Storage Compliance
Unlock the Enterprise Data Analysis and Search Cost effective SaaS Archive Solution built on the Microsoft Cloud!

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Efficient Storage of Low-Touch but Still Active Data

Posted by Bill Tolson on March 8, 2017

Many companies struggle with the long-term storage of low touch data that, because of its nature, does not really fit with the high priced, high performance enterprise storage strategy many companies rely on.

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Extending Share Drive Capacity to the Microsoft Cloud

Posted by Bill Tolson on March 2, 2017

Every day corporate employees beg for more enterprise share drive capacity, to store work documents, backups, internet research, etc. All while demanding their aging, low-touch files not be deleted from those same corporate file shares.

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Compliance Archiving in Azure…Really?

Posted by Bob Spurzem on February 22, 2017

The cloud is an obvious candidate for storing vast amounts of email, files and other forms of unstructured data for compliance.  Organizations in highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, government, and energy are very familiar with the regulatory rules that require secure retention of electronically stored information (ESI).  However, before you proceed it’s a good idea to carefully review some of the basic requirements for compliance archiving in the cloud.

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The Empire Strikes Back

Posted by James McCarthy, Esq. on January 30, 2017

Microsoft had a good week.   On Tuesday, a federal appeals court in New York quashed a search warrant seeking to compel Microsoft to turn over customer emails it stores overseas. [1] The day before, Microsoft defended itself against a US Department of Justice (DOJ) motion to dismiss its lawsuit to protect its customers from “Secrecy Orders,” a procedure where Microsoft is compelled to turn over customer’s email and data and then restrained from advising its customers of the search. [2] The fever pitched privacy battles in 2016 are shaping up to be an undercard for larger title fights in 2017, if the first few weeks of the New Year are any harbinger of what is to come.

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Quarantine Your Stale Data

Posted by Bob Spurzem on January 25, 2017

This week I spoke with Alan Dayley, Gartner Research Director, and the topic of conversation was the management of “stale” data.  “Every customer I speak with has a potential problem with managing stale data,” said Alan Dayley.  Stale data usually consists of end user files that for various reasons become less valuable to the end user, for example at the end of a project or simply due to age. However, many of these files can remain or become more valuable to the organization because of the intellectual property or other sensitive data they can contain (figure one).  Stale data is usually found on user desktops, file shares, and just about anywhere else files are stored.

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Best Practices for Email Archive Migration to Office 365

Posted by Bob Spurzem on January 17, 2017

Are you planning your move to Office 365 and struggling to manage your legacy email archive?  If so, download this new white paper by Archive360 that concisely describes the challenges that you face and the best practice.  Some of the challenges are:

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Best Practices for Protecting Your Data When Employees Leave the Company

Posted by Bob Spurzem on January 10, 2017

When employees leave a company, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, it is quite common for them to take sensitive and confidential data with them.  How widespread is the problems and what can IT Managers do to protect sensitive data?  To answer these important questions (and more) Osterman Research surveyed 187 IT/HR decision makers in organizations of various sizes primarily in North America. 

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Enterprise Vault.Cloud Migration Record

Posted by Bob Spurzem on January 4, 2017

Enterprise Vault.Cloud (EV.Cloud) is one of the most challenging email archives to migrate.  EV.Cloud migration is a single-connection process that is painfully slow and often corrupts the data while it is being extracted.  Archive360 is proud to be the leader in archive migration performance.  For migration, I am pleased to share this recent Daily Extraction report from an actual customers who was migrating archive data from EV.Cloud to PST files

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Breaking the Archive Dead End: A Briefing Note by George Crump, Storage Switzerland

Posted by Admin on December 19, 2016

We recently caught up with George Crump, Founder of the well-known analyst firm, Storage Switzerland to provide an update on Archive360 and its technology solutions, as well as provide a sneak peek at what's to come.  And, I guess he liked what he heard, because the result was a Briefing Note entitled, "Breaking the Archive Dead End".

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ITPROPortal Article: Archival: The new “killer” cloud application

Posted by Bob Spurzem on December 13, 2016

With the availability of low-cost public cloud storage, now is the perfect time for organisations to reduce the load of unstructured data.

All organisations face the challenge of managing low-touch, unstructured data that consumes valuable enterprise storage. For the majority of organisations, this task has been moved to the “back burner” for years. With the availability of low-cost public cloud storage, now is the perfect time for organisations to reduce the load of unstructured data on enterprise storage with a Next Generation Cloud Archive. 

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Modern Archiving in the Public Cloud

Posted by Bob Spurzem on December 12, 2016

When someone mentions the modern data center what comes to mind first?  Virtual machines (VMs), containers, SSD, flash storage, hyper-convergence?  The answer is, "all of the above."  But have you considered public cloud storage as a critical element of your modern data center strategy in 2017? 

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Slash File Share Costs with OneDrive and Azure

Posted by Bob Spurzem on December 6, 2016

Have you successfully moved your organization’s on premise email service to Office 365?  If so, nicely done!  You have provided your employees with a rich package of communication and collaboration services. 

What are your plans to utilize Office 365 OneDrive?  IMHO, OneDrive is one of the most valuable assets of Office 365, second only to Exchange Online.  As part of your Office 365 license, Microsoft provides each user with a whopping 1 TB of storage for online file sharing. 

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Application Retirement: What about the Data?

Posted by Bill Tolson on November 30, 2016

Most organizations eventually retire (shut down) aging business applications for several reasons including cost reduction, application consolidation, risk reduction, and because of new regulatory and eDiscovery requirements. However, one question that is not usually addressed early on is; what should be done with the associated application data?

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Too Big to Move?

Posted by James McCarthy, Esq. on November 23, 2016

The adage “too big to fail” relates to financial institutions so large and interconnected that their failure would have seismic repercussions in the economy, but what about these same companies’ plans to manage big data? The new question is whether there is a data archive “too big to move?”

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Beware the Security Risk of a Legacy Email Archive

Posted by Bob Spurzem on November 22, 2016

At Archive360, we know a lot about de-commissioning legacy email archives.  Every day we speak with potential customers about moving legacy email archive data to Microsoft Office 365 or a new email archive.  The underlying question on each customer’s mind is, “should I migrate the archive data now or can I want until some future time?”  At the end of the day it is the responsibility of each customer to make this decision. In this blog I will address the potential security risk of maintaining a legacy email archive.

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Cool vs Cold Public Cloud Storage

Posted by Bob Spurzem on November 16, 2016

Undoubtedly you have heard about the new low cost public cloud storage from Amazon, Microsoft and Google.  New terms such as cool, cold, Nearline, coldline, and glacier are just a sample of the new brands being marketed.  To better understand these new brands, I thought it would be helpful to review and compare each brand and make note of its preferred use case.


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Cloud Based Archiving Growing at Rapid Pace

Posted by Bob Spurzem on November 10, 2016

Recently released information from Osterman Research, reveals that “the archiving market is growing but the cloud-based segment is growing at a much faster pace”, says Michael Osterman. 

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